What Happens In a Forum

The WeAreTR Forum will be held under a collective rule of mutual respect for each contributor. Each forum will have a positive question that looks towards what we can actually do by combining our resources and rolling up our sleeves as community members, as business people, and as local government.

There will be a contribution from a speaker on the topic of the evening and then the floor will be open to members of the community to share their ideas and the resources they can share to bring those ideas about. Resources can be anything from time and an expertise in a particular area, to access to a personal network of people with something to offer, to financial or physical resources like property or tools. All contributions to the forum will be controlled by a moderator, who will ask contributors about what they would like to see happen in Toms River, how they believe they can contribute to their idea personally, and what are the other resources they feel they may need to find along the way.
Ideas that get support in the forum will be guided though the Strategic Doing process, which was invented by Ed Morrision of Purdue University and has been used successfully to shepherd ideas to reality all across our country, and internationally, over the last 20 years. Ed remains a key advisor to this process and will be working with leaders he has trained in Toms River to give all projects, big and small, the best shot at success.