About Us

As Toms River approaches its 250th birthday, the Economic Development Committee of the Greater Toms River Chamber began to work with Purdue University Center for Regional Development, to look at ways of harnessing what our community currently has to offer. We wanted to find new ways to build on our strengths, to make Toms River an even better place to live and work and raise our families. The WeAreTR Forum is a direct result of this initiative and it is about uncovering our collective strengths.

It's about looking at the resources we hold as a community and reimagining them, at every level, in a new way.

It could be an educator who wants to start an initiative to address a need, a business owner who can achieve more if they work alongside other business owners, a property owner with a plan for their lot, a nonprofit manager with new project that will make our community stronger. The possibilities are endless and they all exist today within our community. The WeAreTR Forum is about bringing them out into the light.
Purdue University has seen dozens of other communities throughout the USA, (from small towns to large cities), benefit tremendously by working together to reimagine what they already had at their disposal. They found that by simply working together within a networked structure that new arts programs, new business clusters and new well-paid jobs came about. It all starts with the sharing of ideas, and someone saying, "I can help with that".

We can build on our abundant local resources. And with our strong sense of family and of community, we can build a better Toms River for our children and our grandchildren. They are the ultimate recipients of the things we will do when We Are TR.